Wu Jings omöjliga dröm

An international TV production, broadcasted in French, Canadian, Danish, Chinese Television and SVT, 2016.

Bionic Musician is the amazing story of a blind Chinese girl, who sees no limits in her handicap. At the age of 28 she already has a career as a world-class athlete behind her. Now an accomplished professional flutist living in Sweden, she wants to surprise the world by becoming the first blind musician ever to play in a symphony orchestra. This requires the inventive genius of inventor Ellen Sundh and Runo Andersson. Their challenge is to make the conductor’s hands “visible” to Wu Jing. Cameras will record the hand movements and convert them to sensor impulses on Wu Jing’s body, enabling her to play in sync with the other musicians. But will Wu Jing’s dream come true? Wu Jing’s flute teacher is enthusiastic: “She’s got such talent and energy.” The conductor is in doubt: “It would take a magician to translate my movements to impulses!” But the inventor has an idea.

Director: Lotta Hellman
Editor/producer: Tell Aulin, Deep Sea Productions.